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Our Mission

To provide secured, growth capital to businesses in the Fixed Wireless and Fiber Broadband industry across America. To be the leading provider of new and innovative funding to the Technology and Merchant Processing sector.

Who We are

Over the last 12 years, iNetCapital™ management has built a client portfolio that includes several of the largest independent broadband network operators in the U.S. Along the way, we have built a strong reputation as a specialty lender that understands the potential needs of startup and development-stage companies, and can provide credit facilities that allow such clients to meet customer demand, and grow quickly. The management team at iNetCapital™ has spent the time needed to develop a thorough understanding of the industries in which we offer financing, and our clients’ business models. iNetCapital™ helps our clients refine their business plan so their cash flow exceeds debt repayments as a result of the financing provided, thus supporting the client’s potential for significant growth and value of his/her company.

How do we bring value to the customer? iNetCapital™ provides the capital to grow and expand your business through innovative funding programs.

Our biggest differentiator is we know and understand your business. The Founders of iNetCapital™ have experience starting and running WISP’s and ISP’s, and we are one of very few lending sources that fund into this space. Traditional lenders don’t understand this industry; if they don’t understand it they won’t fund it. We not only understand the space, we provide affordable funding to the operators who want to grow.

What is meant by our “new and innovative finance facilities?” Varied terms and allowances for funding. iNetCapital™ funds customer acquisition costs, and we fund competing business acquisitions, vehicles, soft costs such as labor, marketing, cabling, shipping, and more. We think outside the box. We love our clients to think of new ways we can support them. We are a cash flow based lender for businesses with recurring revenues, and we will be your trusted lending partner.


Bill MacNamara, Co-Founder / President, of iNetCapital™ is a pioneer in the wireless broadband industry, starting and operating two wireless businesses in Arizona and Montana. In 2004, he co-founded Agility Ventures, and has served as Managing Partner and VP of Business Development. In 2013, he co-founded Wisper Ventures and served as the Managing Partner until his departure in December of 2016. Both companies grew to be the leading provider of lease and credit finance to the wireless broadband industry. Previously, he held management positions at Qwest Communications and CSG Systems.

iNetCapital™ offers equipment financing, working capital and acquisition financing specifically tailored to meet the needs of each ISP. Whether you’re a WISP or Fiber ISP, we have solutions to meet your capital needs. Bill MacNamara, iNetCapital™ President and CEO, is an industry veteran, having started in the industry as a small WISP operator in Butte, Montana and Payson, Arizona. Bill knows what you’re experiencing, and has solutions to get you to where you want to be. He has helped hundreds of ISP’s plan their future by putting together business plans, financial forecasts, marketing strategies, and mergers and acquisitions, while providing the capital to execute. Bill has been the preferred go-to lender in the industry for over 15 years. By knowing, understanding, and experiencing your needs, he is uniquely positioned to be your preferred lender. Bill created the “Master Lease” and “Customer Acquisition Program” specifically for the ISP industry, which has helped hundreds of ISP’s to consistently grow and create value.

Bill MacNamara was the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Wisper Ventures, LLC. Bill's responsibilities included Overall Management of the Company as well as Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Client and Investor Relationships, Portfolio Management, and Transaction Underwriting. Wisper specialized in the Fiber and Wireless Broadband Industry; with the companies having provided over $120 million dollars in lease funding to businesses within these industries. Mr. MacNamara assists businesses and entrepreneurs in creating successful business strategies that offer great value to themselves and their investors, with strategic and financial matters, such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Network Expansion, and Financial Forecasting.

Prior to Wisper, Bill was the Founding Member of Agility Ventures, LLC which managed 3 funds that also provided funding to the Fixed-Wireless industry, totaling $125M in financing. His experience within the Broadband (Big Sky Internet & Canyon Broadband), Cable Television (CSG Systems), and Telecom (Qwest Communications) Industries enhances our ability to assist clients in meeting their goals and implementing best practices for their business operations.

Bill MacNamara has over 35 years of demonstrated success as business owner and C Level executive in both private and public companies. He has the proven ability to structure, fund, and build successful companies, and assists small companies to grow through acquisition and organic growth by providing the funding to do so.

Bill’s experience within the Communications Industry is extensive; Broadband (Big Sky Internet & Canyon Broadband), Cable (CSG Systems International), Finance (Agility Ventures & Wisper Ventures) and Telecom (Qwest Communications).

As co-founder of Wisper Ventures and Agility Ventures, these businesses built a reputation as a specialty lender who understands the intricacies and potential of startup and develop-stage companies, and created credit facilities that allow companies to meet customer demand and grow quickly. These two companies, Wisper Ventures and Agility Ventures, funded more than $150M to over 90 companies.

  • Seasoned Managing Partner, skilled in raising capital with great success in the private sector
  • Sought after financial and operational expert within the Wireless Broadband and Fiber to the Premise Industry
  • Investor Relationships, Portfolio Management, and Transaction Underwriting
  • Skilled in marketing financial services to the Telecom industry
  • Current Founder and CEO of iNetCapital™
  • Founder & CEO of 2 Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP)
  • Founder and Managing Member of 3 Debt Funds
  • Founder and Managing Partner of a Leasing Company
As Founder & Managing Partner of Wisper Ventures, LLC and Wisper Leasing, LLC
Major Achievements:
  • Raised $3.5M in Investor Notes
  • Secured $9.9M bank facility
  • Grew lease receivables from $0 to over $25M in 2 years
As Founder & Managing Partner of Agility Ventures, LLC and Agility Debt Fund(s) I, II, and III
Major Achievements:
  • Raised over $10M in Investor and Bank funding
  • Grew lease receivables from $0 to over $120m in 6 years
  • Provided funding for over 100 mergers and acquisitions
  • Created the first company to focus on the funding needs of the Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) in US
  • Gained extensive knowledge of the equipment and spectrum requirements within the WISP industry
  • Created relationships with the major equipment manufacturers and distributors within this market
  • Trusted advisor to WISP operators throughout North America
As Founder & Managing Partner of Big Sky Internet & Canyon Broadband
Major Achievements:
  • Developed from inception, two WISP’s – Big Sky Internet in Butte, Montana and Canyon Broadband in Payson, Arizona
  • Grew subscriber base to over 800 in less than 1-year
  • Successful exits to start Agility Ventures
With Qwest Communications
Major Achievements:
  • Secured over $300M in contracts from Cellular clients for their billing services
  • Opened the Qwest printing and mailing facilities to outside Telecommunications and Cellular companies
  • Team Member of the DEX sale to private PE firm

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Family of Companies

In 2017, ConVergence Technologies, Inc. organized its business units into three wholly owned subsidiaries of ConVergence Technologies, Inc.: IPpay LLC, MitoTec LLC and CTIconnect LLC.

The ConVergence Technologies™ family of companies continues to offer solutions for credit card processing, financial services, wholesale high speed internet access, wholesale voice services, IPTV, regulatory compliance solutions, networking infrastructure, data center services including hosting, remote back-up, co-location and disaster recovery, distribution of computer networking hardware and software, and leading industry energy services.

ConVergence Technologies™ provides Administrative services and oversight for the individual LLC’s, providing “C” level leadership in accounting, business development, cloud based enterprise resource planning, engineering, management, marketing, payroll and supply chain operation. ConVergence offers these services for its family of companies, as well as other entities seeking a proven track record for growth and profitability via our experienced executive team.

ConVergence Technologies™ welcomes the opportunity to discuss your company. If your business is seeking elevated revenue growth and an experienced executive team, perhaps you may be interested in discussing your company joining our Family of Companies. Please contact us through the online contact form.

ConVergence Technologies, Inc. has been providing administrative and management support services to multiple business units since 1995. Over that period, ConVergence has developed answers to clients’ and industry needs. Those solutions have redefined execution of credit card processing, technology, distribution and communications needs for businesses

CTIconnect LLC is the premier distributor of fixed wireless, telecommunications, network infrastructure and computer systems for Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), Cable Operators, Telephone Companies, Utilities, Government, Enterprise, Transportation and Industrial Networks in North America.                      

IPpay LLC is a global electronic payments processor and provider of multiple merchant services. IPpay™ is a leading “Card-not-Present” credit card processor in North America and provides merchant processing, leasing and lending services. IPpay™ was founded to solve Card-Not-Present issues for recurring payment processing.

MitoTec LLC, provides wholesale network deployment services, voice services, Internet Access, datacenter services, and the MitoTec™ Technology Platform for Business. The MitoTec™ Business Technology Platform is a single source solution for replacing costly and complicated business IT infrastructure.